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team celluable.

Bas Dankers
Bas DankersLifestyle coach
Bas Dankers implements hard evidence in his personal, down-to-earth interest in the healthy lifestyle. He finds this evidence in the scientific value of Hair Scan results. From personal experience, Bas knows that “measuring and analysing is a great way of improving both one’s physical and mental progress,” It is also a very efficient method; you know exactly where personal health gains can be achieved. To make the Hair Scan more accessible to a wider audience, Celluable was established. If desired, Bas offers extra guidance or basic support as a lifestyle coach.
Karin Glaser
Karin GlaserTherapist
Karin is a naturopathic paramedical practitioner, affiliated with the BATC (Association of Therapist and Consumer Interests). She founded the successful Natuur-Energetic Center in Amsterdam fifteen years ago, and more recently in ‘t Gooi. Her specialisms include energy medicine, natural healing methods and electro-acupuncture. In addition, she is one of the first therapists in the Netherlands to offer epigenetic hair follicle analysis (hair scan). With her empathy, curiosity, expertise and huge interest in the self-healing abilities of the body, Karin plays an important role in the Celluable team.