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Scientific Research.

Scientific research has shown that we have much more influence on our body than we previously thought possible. The Hair Scan Analysis puts you in the driver’s seat, offering a positive push towards a healthier lifestyle.

The analyses and opinions of Celluable are based on epigenetics, a relatively new science that is developing at breakneck speed. This discipline deals with the switching on and off of certain genes through nutrition, without making changes to the underlying DNA structure. This switching on and off is done by so-called epigenes (literally: upon the genes). However, scientists are not trying to find an antibody for disorders such as obesity. They want to tackle them at the core, at the same time preventing such conditions from being passed on to the next generation.

More than 90%.

For a long time we thought that our genes were the sole method of determining how our bodies function. ‘You were born with it and have to learn to live with it’. However, epigenetics tells us that more than 90% of epigenetic function can be influenced by lifestyle and nutrition. A great reason to order a Hair Scan Analysis. With your personalised and current results, you can reprogram your genes via your epigenes.


Research shows that the majority of the world population does not fully utilise its physical or mental potential.